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It is necessary to mix both practical knowledge and academics for a great result. Hospitality industries have a wide range of opportunities for everyone in the country and even abroad. From the time one starts dreaming about pursuing a hotel management course the dream to pursue an interesting hospitality internship program is registered in a student’s mind. There are lots of connected sectors that are linked with the hospitality industry MAHAR Institute, the best hotel management college in Dehradun has mentioned the various sectors in which one can pursue an internship after the degree or diploma course from Mahar hotel management institute.

-Food and beverage services- The food and beverage industry is one of the highest-paid industries in the hospitality service sector. And it has become an accepted way of life today. One can successfully become a new-age professional as Steward, caption, senior caption, and F&B service manager.

– Front office – Often called the face of any hotel the front office department plays a vital role in any hotel. Whenever a guest interacts within a hotel it is the first and the only department that interacts and initiates the conversation. Apart from creating the firsthand impression the front office department is responsible for answering enquirers directly. By working on one’s communication skills and personality, one can make a career in this department easily. One can become a front office manager, assistant front office manager, and night auditor.

-Bakery & Confectionery – Bakery and confectionery is that segment of the hospitality industry which is both art and science. After successfully completing the degree from MAHAR Institute, the best hotel management college in Dehradun, one can easily establish themselves in bakery and restaurants of hotels and restaurants. Proper knowledge of ingredients, costing, proper methods, and pricing are essential before entering into the baking zone. One can also open their own bakery and confectionery after successfully completing the course and internship.

-Food Production- As the name suggests food production is all about producing and preparing food. It is one of the major departments of the hospitality industry where students can excel by mastering the skills of processing and transforming the raw ingredients into interesting and delicious dishes. A chef is considered as the backbone of the food and beverage department and likewise, it is the major segment of the industry. Hotel management students have a lot of opportunities in this sector only after they gain the right knowledge from the right institute like MAHAR.

Event – Hotel has lots of events from birthdays to weddings, anniversary, and other sorts of corporate events. There are lots of opportunities for students who have a sense of event planning and want to do something different from the rest. There are ample opportunities for students interested in the hospitality industry.

Choose the right college for yourself and after that, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. MAHAR , the best hotel management college in Dehradun wishes all the students good luck for the future.