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Mahar is the premium institution for those looking to build a career in the Hospitality Industry. We not only believe in covering the course content but also making students aware of many facts that are related to the hotel industry. Working in a kitchen is really difficult, and that too without being dirty, especially in a professional atmosphere. We have seen chefs are wearing a white uniform, but we have never tried to find out the reason for wearing white.

Usually, when you think of chefs, you assumed them with white aprons and white tall hats. Although white is the most common color of chefs’ uniforms, they are also available in different colors and styles.It is obvious that wearing white in the kitchen can be very complicated and challenging. When working with food, there is always at least some spitting, pouring, spraying, and it’s difficult to finish the shift without stains on your uniform. Another reason is that white material can also be bleached nicely. That is something that cannot be done with the uniform of any other colors because of the bleach would spoil the color.

In addition, white is the color that does not absorb heat so, it offers enough protection for chefs from the intense heat of cooking.White Uniform for chefs also shows his commitment to cleanliness. It’s really delicate job when it comes to prepare the food for someone. You have to find ways to reassure your guests that the food you are cooking for them is prepared in the cleanest and safest way. White Uniform also signifies the importance and high regard of their profession.

The white color also denotes peace and purity. White Color Uniform also strives to prepare the food peacefully and in the purest of its form. It’s a strong belief that someone can only reach excellence if working with peace of mind. This fact is not only limited to the hotel industry.
In today’s digital world, we know that guests/customers are more intelligent and having vast knowledge about everything. They can ask chefs any questions related to their field. MAHAR always strives to share the knowledge as much as it can so that students will be well-equipped and would be in a position to answer all the questions properly.