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As an auctioneer, you are paid in direct proportion to your ability to communicate with people. The lack of this ability can destroy you as an auctioneer. Here are some steps to professionalism I’d like to share with you. Follow them and you will be able to go as far and as fast in the auction business as you want to.

  1. Professional auctioneers keep their attitude positive when all the world crumbles around them. A little bit of the world crumbles around all of us at times, so we must learn to anticipate it. It’s something that can’t be avoided, so be ready to handle the crises when they occur, If you allow them to get you down, you won’t be ready for the next positive thing that happens to you and you just might miss a fantastic auction opportunity.
  2. Professional auctioneers have a look about them. They don’t act like a clown. Draw a picture in your mind of what a professional auctioneer looks like, envision every detail from the hair style down to the shoes. Hopefully, your vision of a professional entails someone who stands out as being sharp and conscientious about the impression they leave with others. This same professional should portray a feeling of trust and knowledge of the auction profession just through his or her actions and the way they carry themselves. Look at yourself in a mirror. Do any of the details in your picture fit you? If not, maybe it’s time to make some changes. Start with minor changes and watch yourself grow into that professional image you have in mind.
  3. Customers and clients relate business success with competence. Professional auctioneers surround themselves with images of success. Does your car, truck, briefcase, desk and office communicate a successful auctioneer career? We all want the best for ourselves. People love to do business with people who are the best at what they do.
  4. Organization is an important image to clients. This means being on time, having ready answers, handling details, calling back when you say you will, and diligent follow up. Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to. All these things tell people that you are a person worthy of their confidence. (It would go like this if someone were asked to describe your general characteristics) Mr/Ms. is a person of great integrity, scrupulous in discharge of commitments, and a high sense of ethical responsibility. He/she is a credit to the profession in both attributes of character and knowledgeably.
  5. Talk like a professional auctioneer. Avoid nonsense talk at all costs. Ask questions about your clients and how you can help. You must show an interest in them and in their needs to get them to open up to you. Choose your words carefully so as not to offend. Plan your auction presentation from your prospects point of view.
  6. Stay in tune. The auction profession is constantly changing. You’ll see the less competent people leaving the business every week, Devote some time to learning of new developments in the field. (ATTEND YOUR STATE AUCTIONEER CONVENTION EVERY YEAR. IF YOU HAVE AUCTIONS, THE CONVENTION NEEDS YOU, IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING ANY AUCTIONS, YOU NEED THE CONVENTION) the world is moving too fast and it is a lot of fun to move with it. Everyone wins when the team gets stronger.
  7. Respect your fellow auctioneers. Others in the auction business have the same challenges you have. They deserve the same credit and recognition when they succeed and the same help and encouragement when they fail.
  8. Remember family and friends. They want and need a high quality relationship. Be sure to plan time for family and social needs. Someday I’ll spend time with my family. Someday never comes. It will help you gain their understanding when business takes you away evenings and weekends.
  9. Get out and see the people. There are literally thousands of people in your area who need and deserve professional assistance with their auction needs. If you don’t get out and bang on some doors and take it to them, they might be short changed. The more you get out and meet the people, the more people you can serve.
  10. Keep your integrity intact. Almost every day an opportunity to take unfair advantage of someone arises. A professional knows that a dissatisfied customer today will cost him or her several possible auctions in the future, A professional auctioneer knows how important selling with the facts is. Stretching the truth, omitting information and avoiding present problems by stalling or blaming someone else is for amateurs. Sell with the facts and you only have to sell them once to be a winner.