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Hotel managers must meet a number of different objectives on the job, from building effective teams and improving customer service to figuring out ways to bring in more business. By meeting or exceeding these objectives, you improve your prospects of career advancement. Although you can qualify for this position with a high school diploma in small hotels, large facilities with many services usually require professionals with a bachelor’s degree in hotel management or business administration.2-_rezeption_mit_models

  • Increasing Business: Given the fierce competition in the hotel marketplace, a successful hotel manager must establish strategies to identify new business opportunities and more customers. This might involve conducting market research to study customers’ preferences as well as enhancing the hotel’s service features to increase repeat business.This can help ensure a steady supply of customers to your facility.
  • Promoting Teamwork: Hotel managers must work to build effective teams in order to achieve the company’s goals and vision. When staff members work as a cohesive unit, they tend to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently, whether they are front-desk staff or cleaning personnel. One way to establish an effective team is to invite their ideas on how to improve processes. Involving them in making major decisions and setting departmental objectives not only gives your hotel a greater resource of ideas, it also builds morale because employees feel they have a stake in the company’s success. This in turn leads to greater productivity.
  • Increasing Interactions: When a hotel manager facilitates greater interaction between guests and staff, he also improves customer satisfaction.Walking around the facility also gives you the opportunity to greet customers, ask questions and detect customer service areas that need improvement.
  • Meeting Requirements: Managers must ensure facilities comply with federal and state laws and institutional policies. Hotels are regulated on a number of fronts, ranging from cleanliness and fire safety standards to employment law and contract law. Most hotels also operate under strict guidelines from corporate management.

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