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Electronic learning, or e-learning, refers to computer-enhanced learning. It also refers to research, learning, and teaching in the digital environment. M (130)

The importance of e-learning is growing in higher education. Key advantages of e-learning are flexibility, convenience, and the ability to work at any place where an Internet connection is available and at one’s own pace. E-learning is a viable option for those with commitments or conditions such as family or work, or who cannot participate easily for reasons including disability.

The time and cost of commuting to and from campus are eliminated. E-learning provides students with the ability to communicate with classmates independent of distance and can be adapted to learners’ needs.  E-learning promotes individualized instruction or learner-centred education where students may set their own objectives and explore their own learning needs online. The demand for e-learning is growing day by day.

MAHAR has State of Art Infrastructure equipped with the most modern teaching facilities, well equipped training kitchen & bakery, a tastefully designed training restaurant, HI- Tech Computer lab to give the students hands-on experience with Hotel Management Software and other application packages, a well-stocked library and a gymnasium Facilitated with Ultra modern equipments and comfortable accommodation within the campus hostel, making the whole program an energized, learning, easy, motivating & result oriented experience on campus.

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