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Great customer websites improve customer experience:housekeeping

Customer satisfaction has to be one everyone’s mind as they begin the work day. These days, customers start their hotel searches online and spend time comparing prices and reading reviews. If the customer is a smartphone or tablet user, the time spent studying and reviewing various choices increases, meaning hospitality impressions begin long before the customer walks through the door. So how does a hotel, independent or chain, satisfy customers and win repeat business?

Guest satisfaction improves when you know your customer:

Customer satisfaction is more than just a smile when you greet a customer. It’s more than customer satisfaction surveys and customer satisfaction tips. Knowing the customer base is at the heart of it. A customer booking a stay at a beachside resort has different expectations than a customer staying in a convention hotel. When you learn to master the needs of the customer and to deliver consistently and effectively on those needs you begin to create overwhelming customer loyalty.

Improve customer satisfaction by addressing customer complaints quickly:

Service recovery is the last line of defense to your customer satisfaction. The hotel industry can be a tough one with requests and complaints coming in online, by phone, email or in person with the guest leaning over the welcome desk. One of the key responsibilities of any guest services manager or customer service leader is customer satisfaction measurement.

Train your staff on improving customer service:

When management provides a well-trained staff with an emphasis on working together for the benefit of the customer, a hotel runs more smoothly and this translated to greater customer satisfaction.  The constant goal in the mind of all staff members should be centered on customer satisfaction. Customers in the hotel industry are notorious for high expectations and complaints. A staff well trained in managing complaints, but more importantly avoiding them in the first place, will do better overall.

Track, analyze and report on customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction will often times be tied to your level of customer communication. By creating a dialogue with customers, hotel management can see strong points and weak spots in customer service. Feedback can be gathered online in review section of websites combined with review cards in room and front desk logs. These tools, used correctly, can be extremely helpful in staff meetings and training sessions, and at the management level for implementing policy.

The hotel industry is thriving yet competitive. Hotel customers want exactly what they expect whether it’s a simple clean room and good night’s rest or an artfully decorated clean room with numerous amenities. When management has a well-trained staff taking pride in customer recognition and customer satisfaction, the hotel will earn new and repeat customers.

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