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You always have the option to host your next meeting on-site, in the conference room down the hall or even in your office. But when you really think about it, is that the best plan for your business? Do your facilities offer all you need for a successful meeting, and will they give your colleagues, partners or potential clients a favorable first impression?The Gallery Room

If not, it may be time to consider a hotel meeting space instead. With hotel meeting rooms, you can access top-notch facilities, helpful staff and many other amenities that just aren’t available in your office or conference room. In fact, choosing hotel meeting space can actually give you more options for your gathering, such as:

Size—Your conference room probably fits 10 to 20 people max, right? With a hotel meeting space, you can find room for as many people as you like. Some hotels can even accommodate hundreds or thousands

Space—Need lots of space to display your presentation boards? A huge wall to project a slideshow on? It’s doubtful your conference room can offer that. With hotel meeting rooms, however, you can have as much space as you need—spread out and take up a whole banquet hall, or keep it small and intimate.

Food—Want to keep your guests’ attention during the meeting? Then make sure to feed them! While ordering sandwiches from the local deli might suffice, wouldn’t it really impress them if you had high-quality meals and snacks instead? With a hotel meeting space, you can take advantage of on-site catering and dining options, giving your team a truly delicious lunch break they’ll love.

Audiovisual—If you want to incorporate audio, video or other media elements into your meeting, you’d usually have to hire an outside expert to help. However, most hotels offer these experts on-site, so if you opt for a hotel meeting space, you can take advantage of these pros for free.

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