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It is always a good idea to mix your passion with your career. There are numerous food lovers everywhere and chances can be that you might be among one of those people who enjoy cooking and the whole process of developing a food item. You might also belong to the category of people who like to experiment in the kitchen. An amalgamation of professionalism along with passion is required for this one demanding career but this can turn out to be a satisfying career as it carries an art that you love.

Start building the required cooking skills and fulfill your dream of serving a variety of food to people. Ideally, there are three major steps for becoming a chef firstly by practicing and improving cooking skills at home. Then, pursuing training as a chef, for that you can choose Mahar Institute, the best institute for hotel management in Uttarakhand and finally serving the delicious food to a larger public either through working in a top-notch restaurant or by opening your own restaurant. This International chef day, Mahar hotel management is providing you with some tips for developing your cooking skills.

  1. Build your skills and practice cooking at home.

Pick recipes that you find interesting, and then prepare them yourself. As you get better with time, try some recipes that include new skills that are still need to be figured out. Play and experiment with different types of cuisine and observes what brings the best in you.

Remember: When you will cook for a large number of people in a restaurant, you’ll have to keep pace with the customer’s demands. So practice, cooking quickly, and maintain a pace.

  1. Create your own recipes by experimenting with food.

Experimentation and food come hand in hand. Once becoming familiar with common and right ingredients start experimenting around different recipes and add a twist of your own flavor to them. Take risks with the dishes and try to create something totally new. 

  1. Get feedback from people on your meals.

While this might sound like a scary option but criticism and feedback are the two very important things that will help you grow as a chef. Prepare food for people as often as you can, then ask for their valuable feedback and ask them to comment about what they liked and what they didn’t. That Way you learn from your mistakes and experience.

  1. Learn new techniques

Today it’s all available on the internet and with lots of interest for there are lots of shows that you can watch and learn from. Other than that watch online cooking shows tutorials and sees how chefs from all around the world work. You can learn certain techniques and skills used for example how they get creative with different ingredients. 

  1. Get a specialized certification

Ideally, you don’t need certifications to be a chef. However, on the professional level, you might have to go for some specialization in a particular area. Choose to get one if you have a specialization that you plan to pursue. With the required education and experience, it becomes easy to focus on a particular area of expertise. For instance, one might get certified as a sauce chef, master pastry chef, a decorator, or a roast chef.

Along with all these cool cooking tips here are some renowned chefs from India that made a different identity with their cookery talent. You can take inspiration from their styles and skills on this International chef day.

Sanjeev Kapoor – Professional Chef, works for TV Channel Food Food, restauranteur, and author.

Hari Nayak – Restaurateur, creator and author of “Present-day Indian Cooking”

Tarla Dalal – Food author, cookbook writer, culinary expert, and host of cooking appears.

Harpal Sokhi – A big name in Indian Food business, He is known for Indian food with a combination of International Cuisine.

Vikas Khanna –Food expert arranged a dinner for US President Barack Obama.

Madhur Jaffrey– Author of 15 cookbook she learned cooking from Royal Academy Of Dramatics (Rada)

Anjum Anand– Went to a cooking school in Trivandrum she is among one of the top chefs in India.

Nita Mehta– Cooking specialist, writer, restauranteur, and media identity she is known for her cooking classes and cooking classes.

Saransh Goila– India’s most youthful VIP cooking expert he won the competition on Food Maha Challenge supervised by Sanjeev Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.

Ranveer Brar-Senior’s official culinary expert is also among the top chef of India.

We hope that these basic but effective tips can make a change in the way you cook and can help you in achieving the target of becoming a successful chef. With that Mahar Institute, the best institute for hotel management in Uttarakhand wishes you a Happy International Chef Day.