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Myths about Hotel Management

Many of us think that there are no careers beyond Medicals, Engineering, Management, Fashion Designing, Interior Decoration, Law, Corporate Relations, etc that have equal or greater scope. Most of us don’t know that many other rewarding careers exist therefore we end up following the herd. There are many other options but students stay confused about a career in Hotel Management. Here are some common myths about HM.

1) The most common one is that people often visualize about a man wearing a white chef coat and apron. His job is to just cook and serve. It is more than this, where you learn about working in hospitality service establishments in areas such as hotel administration, hospital, airline, cruise line, and MNCs, especially in the food service, food preparation, marketing, etc.

2) Hotel Industry and hospitality Industry are not the same things. HM is only a small part of Hospitality. It means taking care of a visitor coming to an office, club, restaurant, institution, etc requires to be attended, HM is a small branch of it which focuses on managing all aspects related to the functioning of the hotels.

3) Hotel jobs are not well-paid. This is another common myth but depends on how the institute is and the skills of its students. According to that, you get placed in some lavish hotel. There are many reliable institutes of Hotel Management and MAHAR Institute is one of the best Hotel management institute in Dehradun. The only thing is that interns get less paid as compared to medium and high level employees.

4) Most people think that Hotel Industry jobs are only for people with bad academic performances. The truth is you have to be an all-rounder. There are facts saying that most of the hoteliers can speak more than three languages. Most institutes include Business Communication, Geography, Accounting, Human resource, Marketing, another language in the curriculum apart from the regular hospitality modules. It is not possible for people with average intelligence to handle such a diversified portfolio and can get hotel management course details from our institute.