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India is the land of festivals and with every changing season, there come lots of celebration and festivity. Navratri is one such occasion that involves a lot of food and celebration for continuous nine days. Navratri is celebrated differently across India. In the North people fast for 9 days throughout and have a great celebration at the end of the fasting. The festival falls mainly during October and November. People worship 9 different forms of Goddess Durga during the festival, thus the name “Navratri” came into existence.

It has lots of customs and rituals associated with it and one among them is eating specific dishes and food items on particular days. To make your fasting days smooth we Mahar hotel management has a wonderful collection of fasting recipes that you can make during Navratri.

  1. Banana chips – Very light and crispy snack, ideal for fasting season, you can grab this easy snack all the nine days.
  2. Dahi sabudana – Simple and nutrient-rich recipes can help you maintain your liquid diet during the fasting season.
  3. Sukhi arbi chips– Sukhi arbi chips can become a healthy alternative during the Navratri days.
  4. Makhana namkeen– Very light, makhana namkeen consists of very low fat and is a good alternative if you want to grab some light snack.
  5. Moriya Khichadi (Sama ki khichadi) – This mildly flavored barnyard millet recipe is something that does not require a lot of effort and can be prepared with few quick steps.
  6. Lauki ka ladoo– This one particular sweet dish consists of all the wellness of lauki i.e bottle gourd and is sufficient for providing the energy all day long.
  7. Singare ki kadhi– Also known as vrat ki kadi this delicacy can be prepared as vrat ki kadi during fasting days.
  8. Makhana kheer– Fox nut kheer is an ideal sweet as it is nutritionally rich and can keep your energy level high all through the day.
  9. Sweet potato tikki – You can always trust on this snack prepared from the sweet potatoes, easy to prepare and tastes extremely delicious.

With all these easy to grab delicacies, Mahar Institute, the best hospitality administration in Uttarakhand hopes that you experience these healthy sancks with wishes for a great fasting experience this Navratri.