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Eggs are the quickest and the best meals for breakfast, lunch, and  dinner. Low in calories and rich in protein, eggs make the perfect base for countless healthy meals or snacks. Eggs being so easy and  versatile, one can get creative with the variety of dishes that is made out of eggs such as omelet, sunny side up, pan fried, boiled, egg roll, healthy cocktails and many more.

Mahar Academy, hotel management colleges, brings you 4 such lovely and quick egg dishes which  taste delicious and consume only a few minutes to prepare.

  1. Sunny side up- It takes only minutes to cook and can be garnished with some chopped potatoes and veggies to accompany your protein-packed egg.
  2. Poached eggs- It’s simply cooked in water, therefore, poaching is one of the healthiest way to prepare an egg and tastes even better when served on a whole-grain toast.
  3. Stuffed roll omelette- Even though it sounds complicated but It’s a snap to make. The omelet can be made more nutritious by filling it up with either spinach or meat.
  4. Scrambled eggs- A few raw beaten eggs when put together and scrambled  can make a quick, and satisfying breakfast.


Mahar Academy, hotel management college, recommends quick eggs bites which are low in calories and high in fiber.