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I’ve peeled a lot of potatoes in my day, as have a lot of people. Sometimes when I’m doing it I think to myself “You know, I really like peeling potatoes. Peeling potatoes is kinda nice.” Lately though I’ve been feeling more like “Really? Do I have to? There has to be a better way!”
And there is! And it’s actually really fun too!
This is totally one of those obvious “Why did I never think of this before?” kind of things.

Here it goes!2

Gather however many potatoes you want to use and give them a quick rinse. It helps if you choose some that are mostly kinda the same size.


Fill a pot with water and pop them in.

Put the pot on the stove on medium heat, covered, and let them come up to a boil. Boil away for however long it takes them to cook. Half an hour-ish? I always just put them on and do whatever else I need to do in the meantime and poke them with a fork every once in awhile to see how it’s going. If you have really big potatoes, you can just cut them in half to cut down the cooking time if you like.

When  you think they’re about done, get a big bowl of ice water going.



Plunge the potatoes into the ice water (they can all go in together at the same time) and leave them there for about 20 seconds or so. By now, just the outsides will be cool to the touch, but the insides will still be steaming.


Pull the potatoes out and put them on a clean tea towel. You can use your hands. They won’t burn your precious pinkies.


Use your hands to pull/rub the skins right off. It literally takes about 2 seconds per potato. And it’s awesome.

There you have it! Perfectly cooked, peeled potatoes, all ready to be mashed or sliced, or whatever you like!

I will never make peeled potatoes any other way again, that’s for sure!