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Alcohol is never a perfect indulgence for enjoying the life but there are certain surprisingly healthy cocktails that are made out of ingredients that are completely part of a healthy lifestyle. Lemon, oranges, mint, apple and other fruits. We Mahar Hotel Management Institute, the best hotel management institute in Dehradun is providing the cocktails here with a twist. The twist here is that all the ingredients are blended with different sort of alcohols including rum, vodka and whisky. However, the healthiest option is usually making all the healthy drinks and cocktails at home, with delicious taste and amazing recipe. You can scan the ingredients from the blog here by Mahar hotel management institute. One can simply swap the ingredients with healthier alternatives and enjoy these popular drinks. For further motivation, you can check the blog .


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A very herbal, bittersweet cocktail Americano is a lighter and bubbly cousin to Negroni cocktail. Pour equal parts of Campari and add vermouth with ice and fill the glass finally with soda and in the end garnish the cocktail with a lemon twist and orange slice.


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The Bloody Mary is a classic combination of vodka mixed with soaked nutrients, what else could you ask for? A tomato-based cocktail you can add up ingredients according to your choice and likewise add cheese and other nutrionally rich parts in this healthy beverage.


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Mint itself is a nutritionally rich ingredient place mint, ice and bourbon in a blender combine all of them and garnish this surprisingly healthy cocktail with few mint sprigs in the end.



Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice is the requirement for creating the ever so classic Cosmopolitan cocktail. Shake all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker for 30 seconds until chilled. Then, pour the whole beverage into a martini glass.


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The very famous Mojito cocktail scan be presented in a new innovative way don’t settle for the plain lime mojito add some flavoured rum to give your cocktail a great twist. One can also use passion fruit, mango and other fruit flavoured rum varieties to give your cocktail a new twist. This a very common practice included in our hotel management course where we teach students to include innovation in their hospitality practices and that is why we are the best hotel management institute in Dehradun where innovation meets practicality.


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As the name suggests the old fashioned way is a better way to add twist in the regular cocktails. One can combine sweeteners, coconut nectar and orange slice. Made up with whiskey garnished with cherry, swizzle stick and straws your old fashioned is ready.


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The major ingredient is apple which is considered as the best ingredient rich in nutrients. Mix ice, vodka, with sour apple mix, and vermouth, stir nicely and shake thoroughly. Strain the prepared beverage in a martini glass and garnish it with apple slice.


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There is still no discovery for Tequila and here is a healthy cocktail for you to experience taste with less alcohol content and more fun. A refreshingly fruity cocktail Tequila sunrise is most popular cocktail. Easy to prepare this is one of a stunning cocktail to give a shot.


Here Mahar hospitality administration in Dehradun has given you the easy, classy and enriching healthy cocktail list to try on.