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Not all hotels offer meals; some only serve breakfast.  Others have one or more restaurants integrated into the hotel and offer room service as well.  Small hotels can survive with not much more than a household kitchen provided, of course that it meets the health and safety regulations of the state.  Bigger hotels need bigger kitchens and more equipment.  Whatever the size, every hotel kitchen needs the basics – somewhere to prepare the food, somewhere to cook it, somewhere to store it and a place to clean up.DSC03172

The bigger the kitchen, the more carefully it needs to be planned. Large kitchens serving hundreds of dishes a day need to have different stations for each function, each with its specialized staff, equipment and supply line.  At the same time, the ingredients need to move smoothly to where they need to be and the finished dishes need to move out as soon as possible after they are ready.  All this needs to happen without the salad chef tripping over the dishwasher, or the pastry chef bumping into the grill.

The complexity of the arrangement will be affected by the complexity of the menu.  A restaurant that offers a large menu may need several ovens, a range, a deep-fryer, a sauté station, a grill, coolers and freezers, as well as the smaller pieces of equipment like blenders, pots and pans and cutting tools.

  1. Plan, plan, plan.  Visit other hotel kitchens and see what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Pay careful attention to preparation and clean-up areas.  Know what your menu will be so that you can include sufficient stations.
  3. Buy the best equipment you can afford, but don’t buy more than you need.
  4. Recruit and train excellent staff.
  5. enjoy what you do, and keep your staff happy and they will keep the customers happy.

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