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Hotel managers work — often tirelessly — to maintain smooth-running establishments and keep their customers coming back.flap_envelop-01

Being successful as a hotel manager, however, isn’t always an easy feat. To make a positive name in this industry — and, by doing so, enable yourself upward mobility — you must dedicate yourself to the task and go beyond the call of duty to satisfy and delight customers.

Always Follow Up: Whether it’s a breakfast cook communicating concern over the changes in the dining room schedule or a guest trying to express a criticism, listening actively and following up are key duties of a hotel manager.

Look at the Big Financial Picture: Divide all of your expenses into logical categories, and look at the categories in total. With the help of some other hotel workers, look critically at where your money is going and think about ways in which you could streamline or reallocate these funds. Aim specifically to move money into the categories about which customers commonly complain to improve the overall customer experience.

Don’t Skimp On Inspections: As you busy yourself with the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep your hotel running, it is easy to allow yourself to become chained to your desk. It is important, however, that you not skip one major duty of a hotel manager — room inspections. Make it a point to inspect at least five rooms per week, selecting these rooms at random. When you inspect each room, look for, and make note of, things that need repairs. Also, monitor the work of the housekeeping staff, as the cleanliness of your rooms can make a major difference in customers’ perceptions of your hotel.

Cherish Your Staff: Having high quality workers on your team is integral to creating the best customer experience. Always remember to treat your staff members like the valuable resources they are.

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